Today’s Line with @LetsGet60: Having Fun?

I’ve been doing this for a while and over the years one if the things I’ve learned is to keep it fun. This is easier said then done of course because for one we are risking money that hopefully we can afford to lose but regardless no one like to lose money and if you are someone that posts their picks everyday you are putting yourself out there every time you do.

What has helped me to keep it fun is I risk only money I can afford to lose. Secondly I try and post with a sense of humor. I also try not to get too low after a loss and not too high after a win. This is such a ‘what have you done for me lately’ business that you are only as good as your next play so no reason to brag and certainly no reason to get angry.

Finally what has really been fun is having a place where I can bet every game that I want without any financial worry. My record might take a hit but it’s not like I’m betting the board every night. Having a place that acts as my sandbox where I play everything I want and then pare it down on CapperTek is the best way to go for me.

This way I have the best of both worlds and having a blast doing it!

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The Butler Bulldogs (-18) are hosting Western Illinois. You know I go on feeling when it comes to picking CBB games and boy I feel good about Butler. First let’s look Leathernekcs first. They are 7-3 and have played one “Power 5” school a 25 point loss to Iowa St. There other 2 loses have been to Miami of Ohio and E. Illinois. They don’t really have a win that’s worth talking about. Butler on the other hand has 3 loses; Maryland, Texas, and a bad loss at Purdue on Saturday. They beat Morehead st. since. That Purdue loss on Saturday looks bad and I think is why this number is a bit depressed. It opened at 17 and immediately got bet up to 18 and now is sitting at 18.5. This is Butler’s last game before Big East play so look for them to be focused and put fourth a good effort at home.

Today’s Line with @LetsGet60: Having Fun? BLOGS

Minnesota (-21) is my dark horse to win the Big 10. I know that’s crazy but Slick Rick Jr. is a good coach and he’s got some talent in Minneapolis. Tonight they host Oral Roberts who’s 4-10 and have been losing to everyone. I won’t spend too much time on this. The Gophers should roll.

Arizona (-15.5) has been a different team since their 3 game losing streak in fact they haven’t lost since and I still think they are undervalued tonight for two reasons. Once people still remember those 3 bad loses and two UConn carries s name which the casual bettor pays attention too. What I mean is that they see UConn and think that they are good this year because they have been good in the past. But this year much like last year UConn is not a good team. There only good win this year is Oregon and I think we can all agree Oregon is nothing like they were last year. The Wildcats should dominate on both sides of the court at home and cover the 15.5 especially if Trier plays.

Today’s Line with @LetsGet60: Having Fun? BLOGS

I know this is contrarian to what I played last night but my system says take the over (202.5) in the Memphis Grizzles Phoenix Suns game. That is all.

Today’s Line with @LetsGet60: Having Fun? BLOGS

Another undervalued team IMO in CBB is Gonzaga (-6). I know they don’t have the big names and no one really has a shot at getting drafted this year but they still have Mark Few coaching them and they still have talent you would expect a Gonzaga team to have. They lost to Florida when Florida was shooting the lights out and they lost to potential Final Four team in Villinova. Those are pretty good loses. They have beat OSU, Texas, and Creighton and more than likely win another conference title. They are a road favorite tonight at San Diego St. but I’m not too worried as they have been in this position many times. I think they pull away late to cover the 6.

Today’s Line with @LetsGet60: Having Fun? BLOGS

Finally we have the Spurs (-3) with Leonard taking on the Jazz who just got embarrassed last night at OKC scoring 9 points in the first quarter. Will we see that again? I hope so since I also like the under (196) but it’s unlikely. What I do think we will see is the Spurs playing good defense with Leonard leading the way and the Jazz a bit tired from their back to back. I doubt either team break a hundred and the Spurs win comfortably.

Written by Justin Travis

Casual gambler with over 20 years experience in poker and sports betting. Got really serious in 2013 when I wanted to improve at sports investing and started documenting every play. With over 8,000 plays documented in four years I've seen it all. The market can be beat, it just takes discipline and proper bankroll management. If you are betting teams and not numbers then you are doing it wrong.

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