DeAngelo Williams went on NFL Network to discuss Pats-Steelers & things escalated quickly

It’s no secret that DeAngelo Williams doesn’t like the New England Patriots and he definitely doesn’t like the fact that the team is favored over the Pittsburgh Steelers just ahead of their huge match-up.

That anger came spewing out when he joined the cast on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football and the entire interview was full of awkwardness, but it got rather heated between Williams and the hosts of the show when he pulled the ‘You never played the game’ card.

When Kyle Brandt made it clear that he was a running back in Princeton, Williams thought it was hilarious and changed it from ‘you never played the game’ to “You never played in the NFL.”

Kyle Brandt tried his best to get one in when he asked Williams to plug his show that doesn’t exist, and Williams was right there ready to return fire for that comment.


Written by FansWired

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