Seattle Seahawks’ Quinton Jefferson says a Jaguars fan told him he was going to f*ck his mom

By now, you’ve seen the unbelievable scene that played out in Jacksonville after the game was decided and the Jaguars were just simply trying to run the clock out and end the game.

The Seattle Seahawks had other ideas and were in a fighting mood and two players were eventually tossed from the game. One of those players were Quinton Jefferson who got into it with several Jags fans and almost jumped into the crowd after someone hurled a drink dangerously close to his face.

Days after the game, the Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle is speaking out about the incident. He was asked whether defensive lineman Jarran Reed’s claims of fans calling him a racial slur were true, and while he couldn’t confirm, he did state that a fan said something derogatory about his family.

“I honestly don’t know,” Jefferson said to ESPN’s Brady Henderson. “There was a lot of people saying a lot of stuff, so I really didn’t tune into anything in particular. There was really only one thing I tuned into in particular. Somebody said they was going to have sex with my mother. That’s the only thing I really can really remember. There was a lot of yelling.”

Surprisingly, no suspensions came down from the league after that game, but fines could be levied towards certain players including Jefferson.

Jefferson went on to explain how mortified his family was watching the incident play out.

“It was a little hard,” he said. “It was even worse because I’ve got kids. My kids seen it, my wife seen it, and she was upset about it and everything. I felt even more for them because they had to watch that stuff.”

“It was just one of them things. It’s unfortunate. I wish it didn’t get that far, wish it didn’t happen, but it’s one of them things that happened. We’ve got to learn from it, and then ultimately we’ve got to move on from it. We’re getting ready for L.A.”


Written by FansWired

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