Conor McGregor shouts “come and get me” days after alleged Irish Mafia threats

Conor McGregor appeared (albeit late) in court this morning to face a speeding charge. The judge handed McGregor a €400 fine ($538.50) for being clocked around 158kph (98mph). McGregor then exited the court in full adidas gear (which Reebok must be thrilled about), got into a very expensive car and sped off, but not before saying, “come and get me.”

It’s difficult to tell if Conor is directing that at the Irish mafia that may be after him. A media member can be heard asking “how do you feel about the threats on your life,” but the part of the video has been edited out that would separate the question from the assumed answer. Still, that totally sounds like something Conor McGregor would say to the mob.

Respect to Martin they hassled the bollox out of him as well hahah

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Clima cool cunt

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